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Boxing personal training

At Pret-a-Trainwe have boxing personal trainers in London. Yes, as we understand your needs we made it available for you. Our boxing trainers are all very professionals and qualified.

Boxing is excellent if you need to do some intense sessions or if you need to improve your cardio. Our personal trainers can teach you some good punches and techniques to enjoy your boxing sessions. It can be intense, or we can make it smoother for you. As always, we’ll adapt our sessions to your preferences in Pret-a-Train.

As our values say, positivity is crucial in our company, which makes our daily life more prosperous. This is why you will train with a personal boxing trainer who is positive, friendly, and motivated.

We are not just a Personal training company. Our goal is to make you adapt to a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Our boxing personal training is based on a pro and friendly approach for you to learn the technique and get the self-confidence to Get Fit and Healthy. 

We understand that you like to do some boxing pad work. This is why our service offers you personal boxing trainers, available to come to your home, office, or the park of your choice. As you might expect, you will get everything our high standard home–mobile personal training can offer, and you will be able to target your goals.

The main benefits you can find by boxing with us will be improving your cardio and boosting your stamina and endurance. In the long term, you can definitely have better health and self-confidence.

Our personal boxing training will do the work if your goal is to lose weight or be toned up. As you might know, we also offer nutritional advice for you to reach your goals in the best manner.

Finally, all the benefits you can find of having a personal trainer are numerous, like reducing the risk of injury, correcting forms, motivating yourself, and getting accountability. And so at home, of course, all these are just more convenient.

Learn more on that: Why have a personal trainer? 


In Pret-a-Train, we have pro and friendly PTs, and that’s not all; we are a team of well-being people who emphasize making the coaching people healthier. All of our PTs are fully qualified.

We also offer motivational and nutritional advice to have the best knowledge to reach your goals. Our team has great followed up as we take note of your sessions and take measurements from time to time to make sure we are doing good.

So our high standard service comes to you to make you train and motivate yourself.

Our boxing personal training services cover all areas of London and Paris. As we might be busy for some periods, the best will be to contact us asap to book your trial session.

As you understand, we can do your workout at your home or in the park next. Please specify the area you’d like to be trained in the contact form you can find at the bottom of this page.

The Boxing Personal training sessions can be at your home or office. As we measure during the first session, this one should be at home. We are also free to go to your favourite places. If you are in the South West, for instance, Clapham Common Park, Wandsworth Common, or any other parks or gardens!

So you won’t need to find the motivation to go to the gym. At Pret-a-Train, we’re flexible to give and deliver the best you can expect to adapt to your new routine. So, our Boxing Personal trainers in London will do according to you, your wishes, and your needs.

Boxing personal training
Personal trainers in London Pret-a-Train


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Ok, now the only question you need to ask yourself is. Are you ready to target your goals with us? So what do you need?

Just send us details about you, your needs, and your goals in the contact form below. One team member will quickly contact you to get to the first step.

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