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Fitness trainers in London and Paris
Our team of mobile Personal trainers in London and Paris, are here to make your healthy and fit. We share our knowledge with a pro and friendly approach.
Home and Mobile Personal trainers in UK and France
No need anything. We come to you to give you our high standard of Mobile Personal training
Time for you to get fitter and healthier?
You need a mobile personal trainer London or Paris. Here you are. Check more about us as we working worldwide to make people healthier and fitter.
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Pret-a-Train offers tremendous follow-up and mobile personal training at home or in a park nearby.​

We are a group of qualified Personal Trainers, professional, motivating, and full-of-energy experts in at-home and mobile personal training in London, Paris, and other busy towns. Specializing in weight loss, muscle building, back problems, and other chronic pain. Our strength is the communication and follow-up we offer our customers.

The exercise sessions can occur in the parks, at home, or in the office. Request your mobile personal training trial session in London to discover our services.

Our Mobile Fitness trainer team aim to bring you training and nutritional monitoring to achieve your health and fitness goals at your convenience!

Get to the contact page and ask if we have a team of great PT where you live. We tend to work in busy towns and provide solid online personal training.


Our innovative fitness program aims to satisfy the mind, body and soul


Our first purpose is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. From this, we guide you to a new healthy lifestyle with our advice and expertise. We are at your disposal for muscle gain, weight loss, or physical maintenance to help you achieve your objectives. The primary mission for us is that you adapt to a healthy lifestyle which lasts. So you can feel great in all areas of your life. Then you can share it around you. With our home and mobile personal trainers team, we come to you. We have a team of PT in London, Paris, Lausanne and also in different towns worldwide. We work where people need us the best we can to make a better environment for you and others around you.

Because everyone is different in their needs and goals, all our programs are personalised and bespoke. Combined with our requirements in terms of quality, our home fitness trainer will create your exercises. Your follow-up will be composed of some physical training sessions and nutritional advice along with the program. The PT can take measurements to track your results. Our Pret-a-Train team, home and mobile personal trainers in London are not into fad diets but rather into a long-lasting lifestyle change. Our mobile personal trainers at home adapt to your lifestyle.

Communication is at the heart of our concerns! We are characterised by monitoring not only from your PT but also from the entire Pret-a-Train team. Thus, we are listening to all your requests, comments or opinions, allowing us to meet your expectations while offering the best possible service. It’s the key for us to provide you with what you need. Pret-a-Train home and mobile personal trainer is a whole TEAM making you BETTER.

The management team is also always communicating with the Personal trainers, see how we can, improve our mobile personal training service. Or if we can add something different to our customers, like massage or therapy if needed. 

Some of the team members have knowledge in NVC which help us to have a better communication with clients and our own team. 

We can adapt ourselves to any person. 

Our team of home Personal mobile trainers in London offer our services to everyone of all ages or conditions. Because of our knowledge and experiences, we can adapt ourselves if we have any special requirements in terms of health or needs. Our training programs are bespoke and adjust to any particular condition, such as cardiovascular or chronic diseases. Our mobile personal training at home or in the park has already helped many people in London. 

You can check our testimonial page.

Personal trainers in London CEO Romain Gherardi
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We will come to you at your convenience

Step 01

Conversation with PT manager

This is to know you better, target your fitness goals and match you with the best Personal Trainer for you.

Step 02

Trial session with PT match

A short trial session with no commitment at a low price. You can workout and meet up with your mobile Personal Trainer.

Step 03

Program in hands. Let's PT work !

Sessions are planned with your mobile PT. Let’s reach your goals together. The team will be here all along to track your progress and see how it goes.


Our Personal training 30mins online sessions will be designed to make you workout well.
Get your fitness trainer now.
Pack 20
£ 60
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given
Pack 20
£ 60
Pack 30
£ 55
Pack 40
£ 50

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