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Pret-a-Train was created around solid values and a real “why”

We want to contribute to a better world. Have a work where we find significant meaning. The idea was to allow everyone to have a Personal trainer. To enable everyone to feel good and healthier! Let sports coaches feel serene and thus do their jobs in the best possible conditions. And to finally allow you to achieve your goals.

Pret-a-Train was born from a dream. The idea of improving people’s lives had long been in mind. The name was launched in a conversation next to “Pret” in two seconds, snap of fingers: “How about Pret-a-Train? – “Yes, okay, the name Pret-a-Train is available.” And behind the actions followed one another to make this dream come true.

Thus, throughout these actions, strong values have permanently been inked, and without them, Pret a Train would not exist. These values are, therefore, fundamental to further progress, and they also serve to guide us.

Work hard

But always with pleasure

At Pret a Train, we work hard because we believe in it. If we want to succeed in our lives, it comes through work at one time or another. However, we work hard just as intelligently as you do during your workout with us. These training sessions can be challenging, which is normal. However, we intelligently train you to enable you to achieve the desired results quickly.

Everyone is involved in our work because we know it’s crucial. We are here to help people get better. But, nevertheless, because we work hard, we always enjoy what we do. So time passes quickly. Just like holidays and sleep when we sleep and say to ourselves: “Gee, it’s already 8:00!”

So after working hard, we make sure to enjoy it. Life is like that: remember to live and enjoy it.

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Always do your best

Everyone has their moments when they are at their best, and others when they feel less well. Anyway, we always do the best we can with the energies we have in us at that time.

You can find on this page the fundamental values that have followed us since the beginning of our history:

We are authentic and respectful in everything we do and with everyone we work with. It is fundamental for us to be honest in what we say and how we do things. Therefore, authenticity, respect, and Integrity are consequently part of the basis of our values, and it is vital to keep them at all costs.

One of our strong values is to remain authentic and human above all. Some things can make us change, not think about it, or even robotize us like in the world we live in now.

However, we keep our heads on our shoulders and are careful always to keep this human side. No one is perfect. We all have flaws and qualities. Nevertheless, being human and connected to others has always been something we strongly believe in and want to respect unconditionally.

Clients, employees, interns, and the whole team, we always do things in a good mood and for the well-being of everyone.
Well-being is an integral part of our lives. We admit to you that we are like everyone else. We sometimes feel like “shit,” let’s put it that way. However, we always look at the positive side of things because it is the positive side that drives us forward.

Thus, we exercise and eat, most of the time, healthily, even if we are human, and can drink beer and coffee, and sometimes we can eat pizzas and burgers, especially during the cheat meal. Nevertheless, well-being is and will always be an integral part of our lives.

Life will always hit us all. We will all have beautiful and miserable moments in the opposite direction; this is life.

That’s why at Pret a Train, we have the value of always being strong during the most challenging times and always knowing how to recognize the good ones. This last point is essential. It is necessary to recognize and celebrate good times.
Thus, despite the hard times, it is always necessary to be valid and worthy of oneself by never changing these fundamental values.

Progress, progress, progress, Pret-a-Train is straddling the progression. Like the famous consistency of always ensuring that we offer quality service. Performance is something we care. Like you who want to evolve, we do it for us—knowing it is through your feedback that we also grow. So let’s continue to progress together!

In addition to progress, we are constantly learning and listening to open up to new things. Anyone working in our team continuously grasps about health and sport. We also all learn from each other.

Just as you change by following our advice and training consistently and regularly, so do you. At Pret-a-Train, we are also constant and regular in what we do. We deliver training constantly, are honest and keep our values and ethics. We always do the best we can to be consistent in all the things we do.

Contributing to a better world

The “purpose” is straightforward at Pret-a-Train. We created this company to make our entourage and the clients we coach healthier and feel better. We help our customers get the look they expect, not just that! We offer them better physical and mental conditions. And let’s remind ourselves that health is the most critical thing we all can have!

By educating them in the best way possible on how to eat and train, we hope to combat some menaces that can harm our world. For example, we are currently in the midst of a battle against heart disease, cancer, cholesterol, and diabetes.

The people we coach will then be able to share their knowledge with others and their children. And little by little, thanks to a certain regularity, we can each change the world and thus contribute to a better world.

The Future

We live in the present moment and are well within to achieve our current goals. However, our vision is broader, and we look toward the future. We see this future as ever more beautiful.

Unfortunately, we are in a period of our modern life that needs change. It also needs people who dare to speak out to change these things—this climate change, recurring health problems, and others. Whatever the case, Pret-a-Train is moving forward in search of a better future while continuing to respect our values.


So then, you may wonder why broccoli comes in value. I want you to know that this is legitimate.

To explain it, some people have a God, and some just believe in broccoli. Yes, small and green, similar to the brain, broccoli is said to be an armor against cancer and helps our world become a better place. This vegetable reflects our values.

Humor is also an integral part of us. We never hesitate to send jokes or laugh at each other and with customers. In addition to making us laugh, it makes our abs work!

So let us continue to move forward and move forward together.

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