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Founded in 2017 by Romain

Wellness company

Pret-a-Train is a wellness company based in London. It starts by a team of qualified Home and Mobile Personal trainers. Founded in 2017, each one of our Personal trainers is highly qualified by their diplomas and their past experiences.

This company was first developed around our values and our common desire to help people. What we are offering is a real-life change. Through sport and a healthier diet, our services give you motivation and positivity to achieve your goals.

Personal trainers in London CEO Romain Gherardi
Personal trainers in London CEO Romain Gherardi

Colibri's action

We all can have a positive impact in this world. This is how it all start. This is our mantra. Let’s keep making people healthy, in our sense it makes the world a better’s place. 

Personal trainer with client Pret-a-Train

Our first mantra is to make people healthy. 

We do keep evolving. Always try to make our service evolve and see what can be best for you.

This job make so much sense as we work with all type of people. Thanks for this. 

Like in the 4 agreements, we always make our best. Even if sometimes our best is 20% we give what we can. 

Let's make it healthy

Join the community of people who have already enjoy our service and made some great changes.

Different services for different needs

Our services

We have different services for different needs. It depends on what you look for. In Pret-a-Train we can come to your home, or training you online, for losing weight, gain mass or just feel better. Have a look. 

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