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Why Having a Personal Trainer in your Workplace?

Is having a Personal trainer in your workplace something you think about? You might have right then!

Employees need to feel good and comfortable in the company to retain and make them more productive successfully.

You can take the example of the largest companies, such as Google, which does everything possible to ensure their employees are placed in the best possible working conditions.

Studies have shown that Americans stay in their offices more than 40 hours weekly. With our growing addiction to displays and electronics for entertainment, you can understand why many Americans are overweight or considered obese, unfortunately.

In addition to putting their workforce in a good mood, companies can set up wellness systems on their premises with gyms or Personal trainers. This will be very beneficial for the employees but also for the company at the same time. As we say at Pret-a-Train, it’s a win-win solution.

So let’s see here all the benefits that a Personal trainer can bring to the people working in companies.


Increase your energy and happiness

Why having a personal trainer in your workplace - woman smile

Firstly, having a Personal trainer will enable you to increase your energy at work and be happier.

As you might know, when you exercise, your blood flow is more significant, which benefits you and your brain. So, in addition to making you more focused, exercises with a Personal trainer will give you more energy. You can think that exercising yourself will tire you out. Yes, that’s right but in the short term! Because in the long run, it will give you more energy.

When you start to get tired, do a few exercises instead of having stimulants like caffeine which can boost your energy for a short period. Indeed, exercising yourself with PT will enable you to be more awake at work to perform better.

Moreover, another advantage of exercising is that it will make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. You will not think about all your work, problems, or other negative things. It may seem like a relief.

So, the benefits of the first to have a Personal trainer in your workplace are that he will make you happier and more energetic. These two facts will also increase your productivity.

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Increase your productivity

Why having a personal trainer in your workplace - man thinks

As we said before, with training and exercising with a PT, your blood flow will increase to your brain, making you more focused. It will also increase your alertness and concentration at work, which will increase your productivity as well.

Furthermore, we can link this point about productivity with the previous one because you can be more productive with more energy and happiness.

Plus, exercising yourself with a Personal trainer in your workplace will increase other brain functions. It was shown in studies at the end of the article that regular exercises increase your brain power: better memory, problem-solving, and multitasking.

These companies which have invested in fitness with PT for employees to have better health saw a high increase in their productivity.

Not bad to note if you are a manager or trying hard to increase your productivity in your workforce.

Talking about management, the following point can be essential to release their hard tasks. An efficient team will make the role of the manager smoother.

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Strengthen Team Bonding

Why having a personal trainer in your workplace - Pret-a-Train group class

Training with a Personal trainer in your workplace will not be for only one or two employees. Indeed, people will be exercised in a team with friends, teamwork or other company workers.

That’s why having a PT in your workplace will enable the company and everyone to strengthen team bonding and teamwork.

It’s a good way for people to meet, connect and feel even more involved in the company. As a result, they will also be happier to come to work. Therefore, they are necessarily more comfortable and more productive.

By creating these internal relationships, the employees will also instinctively form groups to train and bond. This will give them more motivation for these exercise sessions, but also for work and productivity.

Finally, it could also help to bond the management with the other staff members.

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Reduce Chronic pain

Why having a personal trainer in your workplace - Pret-a-Train PT

Then, having a PT in your workplace and exercising will reduce the risks of illness and pain.

Being in better shape through exercise will improve your cardio, help you lose weight, and reduce the risk of injury and pain at work.

That’s why we recommend you train with a Personal trainer in your workplace or look for one if you’re a company.

Otherwise, if you are in pain or feeling out of shape, you can go to the PT at your workplace and ask for advice on exercises to do. This will help to heal your aches, wounds, or pains.

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Lower Employee turnover

Doing some exercises is an excellent way to improve and to have good mental health. As we said above, it could make you happier, which is an excellent fact to avoid depression and turnover. This is happening a lot in our modern world, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, the sports expert and his exercises can help you feel less stressed and anxious. In addition to making you more productive, it will help you manage this stress and improve your state of mind.

All this is possible by the serotonin released into your body during exercise. It is a neurotransmitter that sends emotions to your whole body and feelings of well-being, as it’s shown in the Cambridge University study (you can find it at the end of this article).


Lower absenteeism

Why having a personal trainer in your workplace - Pret-a-Train PT

We know it could cost a company when employees aren’t in the office. An excellent way to avoid this fact is to train for better health. Indeed, having a healthy lifestyle and a Personal trainer will give you better immunity and metabolism.

Therefore, with these high properties, you will reduce your risks of illness and injuries. Of course, when you reduce these risks, you will reduce absenteeism at work simultaneously.

People would stay in shape to do their work because of all the benefits employees receive.

Finally, a study (that you can find in the sources: Taylor & Francis) has shown that companies that have added health services and Personal trainers to their offices have significantly reduced absenteeism rates.

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Work place for a healthy life

So, go to your gym immediately with your PT or start getting information to find out if you are a company and are reading us.

Even if it may seem like a cost to have Personal trainers in your company, it is a long-term investment because you will only see benefits.

Indeed, you have been able to see it with better productivity, energy, and teamwork that result from it. In addition, having them can prevent absenteeism due to turnovers or pain for employees.

So, whether you are an employee or a company, you know what you must do right now!



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