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The Different Types Of Personal Training Services

Different types of personal training services are based on your physical conditions, health, and lifestyle. Finding a personal trainer is easy. However, there are different types of services for different needs, and they will depend on your goals. This means you can find a personal trainer based on your physique goal, health conditions, and beliefs. You can find specialized personal trainers in any domain.

Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of different types of personal training, but first, let’s concisely describe what a personal training service is.


What is a personal training service?

Personal trainer with client Pret-a-Train

A personal training service, as the name implies, is a service based on your physical journey and its individual. A personal trainer is a certified professional (For instance, Level 3 in the UK). Their job is to manage the exercises of those who approach or practice physical activity to improve their health or fitness.

Nevertheless, personal training differs according to your goal and the sport you want to practice. You could aim for health, mental, and/or physical improvement. Moreover, you’ll understand how your body reacts to food and exercise.

Now that you know more about personal training, let’s talk about all the different types of services you can find out there.

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Personal training for weight loss

winter exercise - couple running

Personal training for weight loss is the easiest thing when you want to achieve a lean and toned physique. It’s even easier to set and respect your goals and stay disciplined. You could lose fat faster or faster depending on how much you want or need to lose. A personal trainer might first suggest being active throughout the day. Moreover, he/she will help you create a balanced program that implies cardio and exercising.

Furthermore, losing body fat requires a calorie deficit. Here’s where personal training for weight loss can be helpful because you don’t need to find motivation. Your personal trainer will guide you throughout your caloric restriction. That is to say, he/she will suggest healthy meals and snacks, stay on track and don’t overeat.

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Personal training for muscle gain

get bigger arms in a month

To gain muscle, you can aim for personal training for muscle mass. This service has a different approach than weight loss. Muscle gain requires progressive overload and calorie surplus. Your personal trainer will help you add weights progressively to be able to lift heavier. This will determine how much muscle growth you’ll achieve. Alternatively, you can use tempo and eccentric bodyweight exercises if you don’t want to train with weights.

Personal training for muscle gain is also helpful for tracking your caloric intake when going on a caloric surplus. This means the amount of calories you consume must be higher than the calories you burn. Consequently, your personal trainer will progressively help you with your calorie introduction each week. This way, you’ll avoid “upsetting”  your body by storing too much fat.

The PT will also do your workout toward your goal by doing different exercises playing on the rhythm and the progressive overload.

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TRX personal training

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services - TRX training

TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercises. What distinguishes it from the previous type of training is the type of performance, the benefits, and the results. Here you use a TRX Suspension Trainer. It’s an accessory with two rigid and adjustable straps with one end connected to the other. This tool has to be suspended somewhere to perform an exercise (like a door, for instance). With the TRX, you can do a lot of activities that will work every part of your body. TRX personal training helps you learn how to perform the exercises correctly. Your personal trainer will teach you how to build strength and flexibility. By seeing someone perform the exercises you’ll be able to progress.

Finally, we advise you to contact a personal trainer, especially if you’re a beginner, to avoid injuring yourself doing the exercises.



Boxing personal training

Boxing personal trainer Pret-a-Train

Boxing is per sé an individual sport. This means that personal boxing training is preeminent regarding physical and mental growth. This type of personal training service focuses just on you. It allows you to learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve. A boxer needs to improve his/her skills and techniques. Hence, personal boxing training grants many benefits. It is for professional fighters and anyone who wants to improve cardio, develop coordination, and master defence skills.

The personal trainer will bring his boxing pads to make you work out on punches, kicks, and coordination. Boxing can be one of the best sports to improve your cardio, and what a great way to have a personal training session doing this.

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Prenatal personal training

Pregnancy and postnatal personal training

Studies have demonstrated that physical activity can be beneficial before, during, and after pregnancy. There are two types of personal training services for pregnant women, pre and postnatal personal training. Pregnant women should moderately train for 30 minutes, at least if they’re not experiencing medical problems. Prenatal personal training will help you stay active and prepare you to be more vital for childbirth. You’ll mostly do bodyweight and weight training to keep you and your child safe. Therefore, you’ll keep your muscles in an excellent state and flexible until the term of your pregnancy.

Being active throughout pregnancy will allow you to fix your poster and recover faster after delivery. Your body will experience hormonal and physical changes. Thus, prenatal personal training will prepare you for postnatal training.

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Postnatal personal training

how can a personal trainer help you in life - PT with client

Postnatal training is essential for your body. Women experience hard times facing their new bodies and their lack of sleep and energy. This is why postnatal training is the key to recovery and getting in the best shape.

First, you must recover for about 8 weeks and check your health regularly with your doctor. Then, with a personal trainer, you can gradually get back into working out. However, don’t forget that every woman and every pregnancy is different. You might be able to exercise more or less during your pregnancy. Moreover, your postnatal training will depend on many factors such as natural birth, C-section, or if it’s your first, second, or third pregnancy. Either way, don’t feel the rush to work out after your childbirth, and instead, appreciate this precious moment!

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Personal training for chronic pain

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services - Chronic pain training

Chronic pain is long-term pain. There are two types of chronic pain: nociceptive and neuropathic pain. The first is associated with tissue damage, and the second is with nervous system dysfunction. Chronic pain personal training is crucial since professionals are qualified to help you work out by considering your health background. Injuries and pains are often underrated, especially among people who work out often or do physical jobs.

Furthermore, people often think that the more you’re sore, the more you work out well. However, If you experience painful soreness, you might consider stopping exercising. Then, check what is wrong with your trainer and your general practitioner. It’s essential to identify chronic pain immediately. Talk to a care professional if the pain is unbearable and/or lasts too long. The more you neglect it, the more you’ll likely recover slowly.

This is why regular personal training is essential. Your recovery will be more efficient, and you will learn to perform pain-free exercises. In addition, through chronic pain personal training, you can prevent future injuries.

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Female personal training

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services - Female personal training

Female personal training is suitable for women who don’t feel comfortable when training around men. Either for personal reasons or beliefs, female personal training allows women to work out one on one with a woman. It will enable you to work out and dress however you want without feeling observed.

Female personal training is beneficial in how women understand each other’s bodies. A female personal trainer can adjust your workout routine by considering many aspects. For example, she’ll adapt it based on your menstrual cycle and pain. Moreover, you’ll share personal issues more efficiently with a woman and talk with her comfortably.


Outdoor personal training

Outdoor personal training

Outdoor personal training is a type of training suitable for many people. People who like to be outside, in nature, don’t like gyms or don’t like having people in their houses. You can perform outdoor personal training in many locations, such as parks or athletic fields. The advantage is that there are locations where you will find equipment already.

For example, if you live near the beach, then it is even more beneficial. Since sand is an unstable surface, you can perform strength exercises without equipment. You’ll have to engage your core and muscles to keep your balance. Sand is also great in terms of cardio and not only resistance training. You can enjoy your run by being barefoot or with your running shoes. But running barefoot on the sand allows your feet to be in direct contact with nature and take advantage of it with a range of motion. However, start by running short distances to get used to this feeling. In fact, because your feet aren’t stable, you need the experience to prevent injuries.

Finally, your personal trainer will be the one who will find a safe and practical place where you can train and you won’t have to worry about it!

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Home personal training

Home and Mobile Personal trainers in London

Home personal training is the opposite of the previous training. Here you can work out in the comfort of your own house. One of the benefits of home personal training is that you can work out whenever you want. Your personal trainer will make a plan based on your schedule.

Home personal training is perfect, even when it comes to equipment. You can train without material or set up a room, your garage, or your garden with weights.

Home and outdoor personal training are both parts of mobile personal training. This means that your trainer will be mobile. He will create workout plans based on your flexibility and comfort.

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Online personal training

Virtual personal training

Online personal training is a recent type of training. It allows you to work out via webcam. This means you can work out in your house, workplace, and even on vacation. This training will enable you to be more flexible in the place and the time you want to work out. Your personal trainer will adapt to your needs.

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Athlete personal training

functional movement pattern rotation pull

Athlete personal training allows athletes to be physically healthy for their competitions. This will enable them to minimize the risk of injury through the help of a professional trainer. This service is the best way to be performant and learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Athletes need to improve to maximize their chances of winning and perform better. And what better way to do it if it’s not by having a personal trainer to guide you? Although you might have several years of experience in your field, your personal trainer will help you improve your performance. Ultimately,  your personal trainer can track and write down your progress and your mistakes for your growth.

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Military personal training

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services - Military training

Military personal training allows you to prepare yourself before joining the military. This type of personal training allows the person who wants to join the military to be in good condition. You must adapt your workout depending on the military branch you wish to join. Your personal trainer will put you in situations as if you were already in the military. This way, you will be performant and in good shape once you join. Finally, military personal training will significantly allow you to be mentally prepared to serve your country.

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Partner and group training

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services - Duo training

Until now, we have seen different types of personal training services. You might ask yourself how group training can be personal. Some people share the same goals, so you could join a group training service that fits your objectives.

For instance, if you aim to train while having fun, you can join a Zumba class. If you want to be more relaxed and flexible, and improve your health, you could join a pilates or yoga class.

You could find a personal trainer together if you have a partner or friend who shares your goals. Not only you’ll be able to motivate each other, but the price will also be affordable.

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Personal training for senior

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services - Senior Personal training

We have seen many types of personal training services regarding physique and sports. However, we shouldn’t forget about the elderly. There’s no age to start training!

Senior personal training is essential for keeping muscle mass, elasticity, and mobility. Seniors should train to keep their hearts healthy since they often get tired and breathless. Moreover, studies have proved that training will help them prevent chronic illnesses and social behaviour. The best part of senior personal training is comfort and peacefulness. This service can be provided at home, in a park, or their retirement home. It will allow you (or your loved one) to work out in a relaxing place where you/they feel safe.

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Personal training for disabled persons

Types Of Personal Training Services - Personal training for disabled people

The most significant thing is that many personal training services are available. Disabled personal training allows anyone who cannot train and feel good about their body. Science has made progress for anybody to do sport, from wheelchairs for basketball to carbon fibre prostheses for runners and sprinters. The beauty of this service lies in the fact that you only need your body to push your limits. It will allow physically and mentally disabled people to boost their confidence and accept their disability even more.

Disabled personal training will allow you to prove that you can do it despite the disability. Moreover, you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles to reach optimal physical condition. Finally, it will make your daily life easier and better. Regardless of your need, you can be fit and challenge yourself.


Corporate personal training

Personal trainer in your workplace - Pret-a-Train PT

Corporate personal training allows a company to stay healthy and focused for its success to grow. Having a personal trainer in your workplace can have real advantages. As a CEO, you might first train your employees to do certain tasks. But you might want to consider corporate personal training. This will allow you and your employees and colleagues, to stay active during the day and brainstorm. Corporate personal training helps work productivity and motivation among employees. In addition, training allows for stress relief. Your employees and yourself will be able to feel better and concentrate more on your tasks. Eventually, if you’re overwhelmed by your work it’ll be a chance to train without overthinking about it. This type of personal training service is helpful for a company when its members want to teach but don’t have time. As a CEO or employee, you can work out during the day and go home to rest!

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As you saw, many different types of personal training services are available. Each type of service has its advantages. You can switch from one type of training to another based on your needs, your health, your lifestyle. Either way, there are always qualified professionals to help you with your fitness journey.


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