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Tips for better health with healthy habits to start

Nowadays, more and more people would love to adopt a healthy lifestyle and live a better life. Healthy habits help, as being healthy is a long process. These steps and advice will allow you to have better health in the end.

Health is critical, and everyone knows that. Indeed, with good health, we will live longer and happier.
It can seem complicated with everything you should pay attention to, but you can make small changes to become healthier.

This article will discuss some healthy habits you can start with now. If it’s too intimidating for you initially, pick up two and try to implement the others during the year. Let’s jump on each and see what you can do to stick to these healthy habits.


List of tips for better health

Drink a load of water

  • Drink water daily in the morning

Eat healthy meals

  • Get more conscious about food
  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Eat some greens daily
  • No sugar for dinner

Be more active

  • Commute to work by foot or bike
  • Practice some sport

Sleep and relax more

  • Breathe before sleeping daily

Be positive and grateful

  • Listen to podcasts, read books
  • Connect with nice people

Get in contact with nature

  • Get nice and fresh walks


1st tip for better health: Drink a load of water

tips for better health - woman drink water

Our body is made up of approximately 60 % of water. Therefore, it Is vital for you to drink water during the day constantly and to stay hydrated.
Drinking water will increase your metabolism and make you lose weight faster.
When you drink, the water helps transport nutrients, other essential elements, and waste products from working muscles. In addition, it regulates the temperature, maintains the balance in the body and helps with digestion. So, drinking water is the first step to bettering your health.
If you do some sports or physical exercises, it will improve your performance to drink water and not be dehydrated. Because you lose water with perspiration, drinking enough water will keep you hydrated.
Fruits and vegetables are healthy and contain more water than most other nutrients.

Drink a glass of water in the morning.

Note that we are dehydrated during sleep, so having a glass of water as soon as you wake up can rehydrate you and make your body wake up slowly. You could also add some lemon as lemon has many good benefits.
This one is a simple new healthy habit you can start now.
During the day, think about drinking enough water by carrying a bottle.


2nd tip for better health: Eat healthy meals

healthy fall tips to get healthier in Autumn - man eat healthy

Another change is to modify your meals to move to healthy meals. Prefer vegetables and fruits to other types of food, for instance.
Make sure to eat all meals except if you are fasting. If you are hungry, don’t hesitate to eat something even more often as long as it’s healthy. Look for some food with a lot of good nutrients and low calories. Here is a selection of great healthy snacks.

Try to cut down or reduce fat and sugar as well. Only eating good fats is advised for better health.
Pay attention to the vitamins you eat, iron, proteins and rich foods more than vegetables and fruits. Fish and seafood contain good protein, bringing you what your body needs. Fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel have protein and good fats, so incorporating them is good. If you are vegetarian, consider mixing cereals and legumes like lentils, pasta, beans, and rice to have all the essential amino acids (protein combo). Think about eating tofu and rich cereal protein food like oats in the morning.

Try to buy healthy food and to only have this one in your fridge, like that if you are hungry, you will only eat healthy and better your health.

For the carbs you eat daily, you can substitute bread, pasta, and rice with grain versions healthier like quinoa, lentils, chickpeas or others. Delete sodas and other sugary drinks to hand over to the water, your best liquid for better health.
Eating less salt to lower your blood pressure and swapping it with spicy elements to increase your metabolism is good. Also, salt can retain more excessive water in your body.
All these changes in meals will only be beneficial and better your health.

Healthy habits to start: Get more conscious about food

I believe that it is by being aware of how nutrition is essential and how to eat healthy that you can make it better. So that’s why we have created a guide on eating healthy. Having a read could help you make a better decision on your plate and be more conscious about it. GUIDE on Healthy eating.

Daily healthy habits: Have a healthy breakfast

After having your glass of water, a great healthy habit which can make you start the day full of energy will be to have an excellent healthy breakfast.
Many people love having coffee in the morning and not eating at all. However, if you can substitute your coffee with a good healthy breakfast, that will be a great healthy habit you can get and love after some time. Breakfast will push your early coffee, and you could have it afterwards. That will ensure you have enough good food and energy in your body to start a perfect day.

Eat some greens every day

Broccolis, kale, Brussels sprouts, and rockets are great greens that contain many minerals and vitamins. Getting to this healthy habit of having some green every day could help you toward a healthy lifestyle. These little ones are one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Eating them daily on at least one of your meals will make you much healthier after some time. Of course, having other veggies and good healthy eating will also be necessary. However, by eating greens, you’ll already be on your path to eating healthily.

Eat no sugar for dinner

As dinner is the last meal of your day and your body gets into its sleeping mode. Eating no sugar could be a great healthy habit. Indeed, limiting the stimulant effect in the second part of the afternoon and at night could keep your insulin low and make you sleep better. Sugar is a stimulant that can energize you when you don’t need it. So if you are trying to lose or maintain weight, it’s a great tip to cut sugar, especially at night.

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3rd tip for better health: Be more active

cycle morning for a healthy lifestyle

It’s not only about exercising and doing some push-ups. Being active could be simply not sitting all day long and doing some running from time to time. Practice a sport you like weekly. Go shopping for groceries or commute by foot or bike when you can etc…

Daily healthy habit: Walk to go to work

A great healthy habit will be to commute to work by foot or bike, which will get you more active if you don’t practice sports.

Of course, another step will be to be more active. It will be great for you to have new, more active habits during your days. You have to move more, especially if you are sitting all day long at your desk in the office.
We advise you to take a break and get fresh air with a nice walk. Other holidays to walk even in the office should be nice for you while rolling your shoulders and stretching occasionally!

As much as you can, walking is the better way for you to improve your health instead of taking transport or a car. You can also prefer climbing stairs to take elevators.

Healthy habit to start: Practice some sport

After these daily habits, you can enjoy more intense activities like running, swimming, and cycling. There are more intense, which will boost your metabolism, and it’s the next step to better health.
Yoga or aerobic activities are other ways to be part of a healthy life.
The most complicated will be to begin taking these habits, but after, you will feel bad if you miss one of your daily activities. That will be like any other drug that your body needs. However, that’s probably the best one in the world.

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4th tip for better health: Sleep and relax more

tips for better health - woman relax more

After the three first steps to better health, sleeping more and stop to stress will help you. It’s essential to sleep and have some quiet time to be healthy.
Sleeping well helps the body recover physically, improves memory, and increases metabolism. It could reduce your chance of diabetes, make you smarter and help maintain your weight as well.
Sleeping in peace can help you to reduce stress as well. But unfortunately, it’s a vicious circle because stress can cause inadequate sleep.
Unfortunately, today’s faster-paced lifestyles can result in elevated stress hormones and continuous stress.
So, sleep between 7 and 9 hours each night because it is the time adults need.

Healthy habits to try: Breathe deeply before sleeping

At night before you get to sleep, it can be very healthy to stop watching TV, which puts your body and mind into sleep mode. Another thing you could do is lay down on your back and do some deep breathing before turning to your favourite side. That will slow down your thinking and mind and make you relax. That is one of the great healthy habits you can start now, which can help you relieve stress and make you sleep more.

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5th tip for better health: Be positive, stay happy, and be grateful

Friendship for a healthier lifestyle

I believe that being thankful is a great healthy habit to get. Taking a journal or simply saying how grateful you are daily will elevate you. It’s a great energy which will keep you well and cheerful.

Anywhere we are, anywho we are, we always have something to be grateful for.

Healthy habit to start: Listen to a healthy podcasts or read books

Podcasts are a big thing nowadays. Indeed, listening to podcasts can be done on the commute to work, into the bathroom, while cooking or driving. They are great cause you need to listen to them. You don’t need to sit in front of a screen. Listening to a motivational podcast that energizes you could be very healthy. Indeed, it will put your mindset goodly to keep on your day. You can use Spotify and type anything that can lift you, like a positive, healthy, or motivational podcast, and start the day by hearing good news!

Also, reading some excellent books could elevate your spirit and energy if you have the time. And this is how you can be healthy. We know that feeling guilty, or feeling nasty, frustrated or not lovely to energy to have to feel good to do something healthy. So better to choose the other options and to find a way to feel well.

Connecting with nice people

I believe that we don’t necessarily need a bunch of people around, but just a few which you can meet, be yourself, and talk about anything you like to is essential. It’s a great healthy habit to see some people occasionally. On the contrary, I also believe being calm and staying alone occasionally is crucial. So it’s a balance to find. And also, each one is unique. So find who or what is essential for you.

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6th tip for better health: Get in contact with nature

Spend time in nature makes you healthy

When I talk about nature to the people I coach, I’m, of course, thinking and telling them that it will be great to go and walk into nature, lean in the herbs under trees. Things like that. But it’s not simply about that, cause some people to like to be in the city, which is fine. You have to park and either. To me, being in contact with nature could be to create, for instance, drawing, dancing, being yourself, be in touch with your natural self. Do something you like, spend time with your kids, change pampers with the baby, and have fun with him. Cooking some excellent foods for yourself. Having some natural conversation with people you like and not playing a role. Being in nature is just about being yourself and being in the moment.

Healthy habit to start: Get nice and fresh walks

Walk into the forest, in a garden, or by sea or river if possible. Of course, as a healthy habit, I also recommend being in contact with nature, as we all know. It has shown that humans need this to feel good, and these spaces or generally let’s polluted than other places. So if you can, when you can try to get in touch with nature, go some camping, or take the bike, the car or the train to go out of the city.

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To conclude healthily

Best Healthy lifestyle tips - woman drink herbal tea

As you can see, with the follow-up of these steps, you will feel better about yourself.
Having good habits by drinking more water and changing your meals and snacks are significant steps to better health. In addition, sleeping well and exercising will allow you to live a healthy lifestyle and feel better daily.
It will be even better with a follow-up in a journal where you write your intake, exercise and feeling. Then, what gets measured can get managed.
These easy steps to better health must be reunited to succeed and allow fast progress.

Starting healthy habits can be intimidating first as every new pattern you want to implement in your life. But, honestly, these are possible to do. After a few days, you won’t notice that it is hard to do.
So, be motivated, listen to a podcast or watch a good video and start these healthy habits now.

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