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The Power of the micro nap and How to do it

Have you ever felt tired while doing tasks at your office in the middle of your day?

If your answer is yes, have you ever heard about a micro nap?

The micro nap concept has appeared for several years. However, the power of micro nap is particularly noticeable and beneficial for those who practice it. It allows you to regain concentration and energy as soon as needed.

If you do a micro nap when you are tired, you can easily collect the energy you need afterwards. In addition, it will help you to finish a task correctly and to be more alert and focused on your surroundings.

This is a good idea. Because with a bit of training, anyone can do it!

Look at the power of the micro nap and how to do it.


What is a micro nap?

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A micro nap is a rest lasting from 2 to 6 minutes. Ideally, the micro nap should remain short and not exceed 6 minutes to wake up before the deep sleep stage.

The micro nap belongs to the time of the first stages of sleep, namely light sleep and tiredness.

It means you can relax but remain sensitive to the external environment. Once you wake up, you are fully operational and awakened to finish your day.

After seeing what a micro nap is, let’s see the numerous benefits of a micro rest.


Benefits of the micro nap

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This energizing nap helps you to be more alert and concentrated, boosts your mood and memory, and relieves stress and anxiety.


Improve concentration and alertness

The power of micro nap is mainly emphasized in improving concentration and alertness.
This is the first benefit of a micro nap.
You can immediately regain concentration and alertness after a short nap.


Better memory

Another power of a micro nap is a better memory. You regenerate your body and mind naturally when you do a micro nap.

This is, thus, a way to better your memory in the short term.


Boost your mood

You may feel a little moody during your workday. But, if you didn’t sleep long, it is probably why you think so. On the other hand, a lack of sleep can immediately destroy your mood.

Therefore, the power of micro naps is to better and sharpen your mood because your brain releases a hormone of happiness.


Relieve stress and anxiety

When you do a micro nap, your body produces a growth hormone that reduces stress.

It is also an excellent way to put your mood in a quiet and calm environment to forget and relieve all the flow of trouble in your mind.

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How to do a micro nap?

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This can be difficult and confusing for those who have never tested the micro nap. Indeed, by a lack of habits, falling asleep can take longer in the first trials. But the process is quite simple.

To fall asleep quickly, you need to be relaxed.

And to have the ideal conditions for falling asleep, you need to find a calm and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. As an employee, you can have some difficulties in doing it. Your company can allow you to do it, or if you cannot find the ideal conditions, you can wear earplugs to create a calm and quiet atmosphere.

When the conditions are fulfilled, close your eyes and take a deep breath. But, of course, the ideal thing is to empty your mind and focus solely on breathing.

Then, control your breathing to reduce your heart rate, relax your muscles and finally, induce sleep little by little.

It is also recommended to set the alarm to not fall into the deep and long sleep stages.

A helpful tip: Adopting a different position from the one used at night is advised. It may allow the brain to differentiate a micro nap from a long sleep and thus avoid deep sleep.


The power of the micro nap in a long term

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You can enjoy micro naps by programming them when you are tired.

As a student who wishes to revise their exams, for instance, a micro nap helps you to consolidate the learning memory.

Or, as an employee, a micro nap after lunch helps you to be more productive and focused at work.

When you have succeeded several times in micro naps in perfect conditions, you can do them again in other situations where you don’t need the ideal conditions, such as on public transport.

Therefore, you can easily practice it anywhere when needed, and the results are immediate.



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A micro nap gives you immediate and positive effects on your health.

It not only boosts your concentration, mood, and alertness or grows your memory but also reduces stress and anxiety. The power of micro nap is also stressed out with your sleep stage.

The more you practice micro naps, the better it will be for your health and your daily life.

Micro resting is a good option whether you are an employee, a student, or just a person who needs to relax.

Now that you know the power of the micro nap and how to do it. You need to try and get the benefits of it.


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