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The best areas for Personal trainers in London

London is one of the busiest cities for personal trainers in London. Many people work a lot, feel stressed, and are not motivated to work out. That’s why many personal trainers are present in London, and they can help them in many areas of life, like building better physics, but as we know, practising sports will also help them mentally.

Some of our clients have noticed significant changes in their bodies, mind, and life after doing some sessions.

As London is a huge town, there are many areas, and for some personal trainers that want to work and have a good life, it can be hard to know which area for personal trainers is best to work and live in.

After working with my team and Pret-a-Train for the past 7 years in London, I want to share with you which areas are best for PTs in London. I will select places with high demands of PTs but also in the comfort of life. Cause to my opinion, a PT can do great work if he has work and clients and feels good.


The best areas for Personal Trainers in London:

South West London

West London

South London

South East London 

North London 


Being a personal trainer in South West London

Personal trainer in Chelsea - South West London

The South West of London is a great place to live in London for a personal trainer. If you are a PT with a family, the South West can be good for you first. As the lifestyle is pretty good and relaxing, you have many places to walk, like Wimbledon Common, Bishops Park, or Richmond. These places/parks are good for spending time doing sports and walking with your family, but that’s not all.

In addition to this, South West London has a great client base, as again, many people have family, do work a lot, and need a personal trainer to do sport at home or in the beautiful parks that this area provides. South West London is huge, so where can you settle, you might ask?

Putney – Parsons green

Do you want to be closer to the city? Putney and Parsons Green can be your favourite spots, then. With Bishops Park, south park, and Wandsworth Common, you can find great places to work out. You can also understand the massive demand for Personal trainers in these areas.

If you ride a bike, you can meet your clients one after another by practising sports. Having a bike is excellent in London for a PT.

Being a Personal trainer in Putney and Parsons Green can be a perfect life where you can find an outstanding work/life balance. Enjoy the parks and some walks around the river.

Then many PTs are present in London but don’t see it as a competition. Think about your values and uniqueness and bring your client your good energy cause you feel good in your area.

Chelsea – South Kensington

It might be a bit expensive for a PT to live in Kensington. Nonetheless, it’s a great place to have a good client base. It’s also a beautiful place to live if you like to be part of the city. Here you’ll be based in zone 1 of London. So watch the traffic.

Again there are many PTs around Chelsea and South Kensington, but you might find your place because of the high demand. If a Personal trainer already has his clients in the morning, he can’t take any more clients. And you can be there for them.

So, arrange yourself to train several clients one after the other. If you are an excellent Personal trainer, some people can try to put a bit of the schedule for you. Then in these areas, you have plenty of good gyms to work in as the famous Virgin Active.

Wimbledon – Richmond

Wimbledon and Richmond are not close to each other. However, I put them in the same category as they can offer the same kind of lifestyle. Both are located in South West, zone 3 of London. They are a bit out of the city and are both chill places to live in.

Both are at the end of the district line, so you can still get to the tubes and join the city of London in 30 mins or so.

They are both kinds of little towns, so you won’t necessarily need to move out, but again if you like to do sport and train clients outside, Wimbledon and Richmond are great.


Clapham can be one of the best places for a personal trainer in London. Why?
First, because of Clapham Common, which is in the middle of the area. Where a lot of runners and sporty people go. Where a lot of clients want to enjoy and train.

Also, because Clapham is trendy and chills simultaneously, they have shops, pubs, theatres, good transportation… All you need can be in Clapham.

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Being a personal trainer in West London

Personal trainer in Holland Park - West London

Being a personal trainer in West London can be good as some parts are close to the city, like Holland Park and Notting hill.

Hammersmith can be your spot if you are young, as there are parks and good areas/pubs to go out. If you want to work or work out in a gym, you can find the Hammersmith Pure gym.

Acton can also be good if you want a better flat for less high rent. West London is well connected by the tube and bus. So let’s see which best areas we recommend you to be a personal trainer in West London.

Notting Hill – Holland Park

You know that famous Holland Park. You enter with peace and chill, surrounded by trees. Family and kids like to go there to enjoy a picnic. You have some runners pass along. And sometimes, you might hear some sound of personal trainers enjoying their pads with clients.

Notting Hill, surrounded by beautiful flats and cafés, is covered with private square gardens that people use with their PT.

This area is a chill place to live and to have clients. Many people already have a PT, but as we said previously, your unique standard will make them want to try you.

Offer them a free consultation. And anyway, go there to enjoy the beautiful Holland Park.

Not to forget that this area is very close to the city centre and transportation is great by bike, bus, and tube with Central line.


Chiswick can be an excellent area for Personal trainers as well. Bordered by the Tamise, Chiswick is a family area composed of beautiful houses and quiet streets.

We recommend you enjoy a nice walk in the Chiswick house and garden. This park is quiet, and you could enjoy working our yourself and your client in this lovely and peaceful area.

If you are an Outdoor or Mobile Personal trainer close to Turnham Green, think about having a bike cause Chiswick can be a big area, and Chelsea is more accessible by bus than the tube. This can be why Chiswick can be apart and more chill than other areas of London.


Acton can be your spot if you want to be out of the city centre and maybe pay less rent. This corner is getting more trendy with significant residential areas and parks around.

Many people chose the option to live in Acton because of these reasons. You can find a good community of workers, students, etc… Acton can be a great melting pot of different people.

There are some personal trainers over there, but the good thing is that Acton is well accessible by transport so you can explore and work in different places efficiently from there.

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Being a personal trainer in South London

Personal trainer in Walworth - South East London

Want to have a chill life out of the smoke? You feel like you want to live in the South and have some friends living there. So as London is huge, the South of London can be a good place for you.

You could have your life and clients just in the South and rarely go up to the North, as the South has nothing to envy to the North.

As you know, London is very varied and vast with different little towns. Let’s talk about one only here. Croydon.


A bit out of the smoke, you can find Croydon. It’s accessible by tube or tram from Wimbledon.

Croydon is well developing, as there is the Box park to go out and enjoy some drinks. Croydon and Bromley are out of town and don’t miss something out of London.

Many personal trainers can live well over there and still find good potential clients, as Croydon started to have headquarters for working places.

It can also be cheaper to live there instead of in London. But observe as Croydon can also be an excellent place between the South, West, and East of Croydon. So explore before finding where you want to live and set yourself.

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Being a personal trainer in South East London

Personal trainer in Brixton - South West London

The South East of London can be an excellent place to live for a PT. Still well connected to London, the South East is trendy and varied; from South Bank to Eltham, you can find some great places to live as a PT. Let’s discuss E and C, Brixton, Greenwich, or Bermondsey. Here we select a few for you.

Elephant and Castle

Elephant and Castle is becoming more and more popular. That might be why Gym Box opened a big gym there a few years ago. The area is becoming trendy and can be more luxurious than 10 years ago.

Elephant and Castle is well located in South East London. Waterloo and the city centre of London are easily accessible. Also, E and C can be significant area to go out with the famous Mercato Metropolitano.

So this area can be great if you are a young PT who wants to have a mix between working and enjoying life. You can find a great balance over there.

The price of rent can be varied as it depends on what you are looking for. But you could efficiently find potential clients between all the students and workers living there.


Same as Elephant and Castle, Brixton is getting more and more popular. You can still find some cheaper rent over there. We’ll recommend this place more for a young personal trainer, as Brixton sounds more designed for young people, with places to go out and an underground market.

If you are not living in Brixton, you can come from time to time to enjoy a nice drink or food in the Brixton village market.

As in many parts of London, you can still find some gyms to work in, and people are looking for a mobile PT. The good thing is that you can travel easily from Brixton to the city of London with the Victoria Line to extend your work area.

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Being a personal trainer in North London

Personal trainer in Camden Town - North West London

So if you have been living in London for a while, you might have noticed the difference between the South and the North of London. Once you live in the North, you rarely go to the South; the opposite is the same. London is too huge for that.

So once you decide to sit somewhere, think about it twice, even if you can move out quickly from place to place in the big smoke. 

The North of London can be cheaper than the South. However, some pricy high corners like Angel or West Hampstead still exist. If you feel well there, the North of London has nothing to envy to the areas in the south.

West Hampstead

London is so huge that you could use any place in the town and live an extraordinary life as a Personal trainer.

West Hampstead is a top spot in London, even if it can be hard to live there if you arrive in London, as this is a great residential area.

Hampstead Park, where you can enjoy some chill time and feel out of the city. There is even a natural swimming pool in the park.

Many people are training there, and like many Londoners, they want to stay fit and healthy. If you want to be a good personal trainer in London, West Hampstead is a place to check out.


The area of Finsbury is a place out of the city, where again if you feel good over there, there is nothing to envy of some different areas. Again that will depend on what kind of place you are looking for. So do further research after reading this article.

Also, in Finsbury, you could train clients in Finsbury Park, a great green space where families go, where you can find some runners and bikers, and where you can see many other PTs train with their clients.

If you want to be a personal trainer in London, Finsbury in the north of London can be a place you might consider for these reasons.


Between the hackney field and a great spot to go out, Hackney can be a fun and sporty place to live in. That’s why a good work/life balance can be found by Personal trainers over there.

Because of the Hackney field and the fact that Hackney is also a trendy area, the demand for PTs can be very high.

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In conclusion, London is a big town. 9 million people, that’s a lot of people. And yes, London has many different areas where you can live well as a Personal Trainer. Then it will depend on your preference. So, define your priorities and your goal first. See what kind of customer you prefer to work with. Believe in yourself, enjoy life, and share your passion with the Londoners.

If you have good motivation and the desire to share your passion as we do. Don’t hesitate to check our values page and contact us to work with us possibly.

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