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Personal trainers in Switzerland

Pret-a-Train has great mobile Personal trainers in Switzerland. Our team comes to deliver our personal training services to your home or in the park next to you.

Our Personal trainers are certified, qualified, and knowledgeable, sharing our values. All our mobile personal trainers follow a high standard of personal training to ensure that our service quality suits our standards and your needs.

Pret-a-Train isn’t just one PT coming to you. It’s a TEAM, oriented on the WELL-BEING of its clients and employees! We all share principles around us, which transpire with the people we are helping.

We are not just a Personal training company. Our goal is to make you adapt to a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

A team of PT in Switzerland

Pret-a-Train can make you work out in every part of Switzerland. Moreover, our Personal trainers in Switzerland make people better and healthier every month of the year.

Our services are bespoke for you. Programs are personalised and adapted to your needs, goals, inconveniences or abilities. So, whether it’s for being in better physical or mental shape, we’re here to help you.

Then, it’s possible that you’re working in central London and may be very busy with your work. In addition, you may need to stay at home to watch your kids. So you may no longer have time to take care of yourself by doing sports or exercises. That’s why we adapt ourselves to you in the Switzerland area.

Stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle! All our Pret-a-Train clients are satisfied with our services. Our PTs in Switzerland have already helped many people to have more energy. But also to release their stress, back problems, and anything that can increase their happiness.

Different Personal Training services


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At Pret-a-Train, we see personal training as convenient and adaptable for you. This is the reason why we offer all these different PT services.
We can come to your home or office, or we can come to a park close by for personal training outdoors. Moreover, if you go away because of work or holidays, we can keep working out toward your goals with our online sessions face to face.
We have excellent results and knowledge in our virtual personal training service. As you can see, we thought about any needs you may have.

We have a solid, pro, and friendly team of mobile PTs covering all areas of Switzerland. And we can bring equipment at your convenience, or we can also advise you to buy some equipment and weight if better and if you need it.

What you can have in our packages

All of our packages have all you need to succeed toward your goals. 

Training sessions

Nutrition advice



Why choosing Pret-a-Train

Personal trainer Switzerland

Among all the personal training you can find in your town, you need to know why to choose us. We are happy to tell you that by having more than seven years of experience in personal training working in different towns with different cultures, ages and conditions. Therefore, we can provide you with a high standard of personal training. Thanks for all the feedback we have received since we started. This feedback has always helped us to get better.

Personal trainer with client Pret-a-Train

In Pret-a-Train, we have qualified and experienced PTs in our team. Our recruiting process is an essential part of our company. We ensure our team have fitness trainers with experience and knowledge. Our PTs in Switzerland are also friendly and passionate about what they do. We all want to share our core values and knowledge and make people healthier and fitter.

We consider any person unique, which is one of our vital points. Indeed we all have common points, and people who want to lose weight can do any HITT training and fitness program to reach their goals. But everybody has different needs, conditions and DNA, let’s say. So this is something crucial that we consider in our team. We do our best to give you the training and advice tailored to you. So first of all, we need to talk to you to understand yourself. That is why communication it’s one of our crucial points in Pret-a-Train. We can provide you with the best program by listening and understanding yourself.

Personal training is a service which should come to you and that you don’t need to commute. That’s why our Personal Trainer in Switzerland will work with you where it is the most convenient for you. It can be in the comfort of your home or a nearby park.

Training and working out are essential parts of targeting your fitness goal. However, nutrition is also crucial to a healthy lifestyle and achieving goals. That’s why all our PTs in Switzerland are qualified to talk food and be able to advise you. Our clients say that this is one of our most significant points, and it’s what makes the difference. Also, our personal trainers will be able to adapt to your lifestyle and condition.

Before meeting any Personal trainer in Switzerland, you’ll have a phone conversation with one team manager to ask all the questions about goals and needs. We need to have that communication with you to see which trainer in our team you’ll match the best. Then we will connect you with the best suitable PT in your area.
All along your program we will take some feedback from you to see how it goes, and if a PT cannot make it because of holidays, injuries or anything, we can find a replacement for when he is unavailable. That’s one of the most vital points in choosing a company like Pret-a-Train.

Another crucial point, as we say in our core values, is that we are human. We all know that this world is turning mechanically, but in Pret-a-Train, we always try to keep the right mind and feeling with our feet on the ground. We are here to stay conscious and make people aware that health is essential. Being healthy significantly impacts us, others and the environment around us. So we chose our Personal trainers in Switzerland as someone with core values, knowledge, and experience but also humanly friendly and conscious.

Personal trainer Switzerland

The Personal training sessions in Switzerland can be at your home or office. As we might measure during the first session, this one should be at home. But, then, we are free to go to our favourite places. So you won’t need to find the motivation to go to the gym. At Pret-a-Train, we’re flexible to give and deliver the best you can expect to adapt to your new routine.

So, our fitness trainers in Switzerland will do according to you, your wishes, and your needs.

The benefits of having a Personal trainer in Switzerland

Using a Personal trainer and how he can change your life has several benefits. Of course, there are plenty of solutions to be fit and healthy nowadays, but in Pret-a-Train, we take the thing high to be fit, but so healthy too. So check what you can reach with us.

You can want to have a fitness trainer in Switzerland to reduce your weight or waist. Or you might want to tone up and bulk up, which is what we do and what personal training can give you. Consistency in your session will give you all the benefits sports can provide. As we offer training sessions, nutrition and health advice, our clients also feel healthier and feel less stress in their days with their work and personal life.

You might be that person who travels a lot, like some of the people we train. So the good thing about working with Pret-a-train is that all our trainers in Switzerland have experience coaching you online while you are away. So it’s great to keep the consistency if you still want to train when commuting for work or holidays.

By having a personal trainer by your side, you are less prone to injuries as our Personal trainer in Switzerland will check your form and make you make the proper movement and form. The big plus is that your fitness coach will consider your condition, level and past injuries.

As you know, in Pret-a-Train, we come to you with the right equipment to target your goal and give you a fun session in the comfort of your home or outside with the fresh air. So you won’t need to commute and get to the closed gym environment. Training outdoors can be excellent when the weather is good. It could boost your endorphin and vitamin level. And we could make the workout more creative. Plus, it takes you out of the office or your home. As we know, being outdoors is vital for us as humans.

In Pret-a-Train, and with our personal trainer service in Switzerland, we implementdifferent types of personal training. As said previously, we can adapt to any age, level or condition and work with pre and post-natal women, as some coaches have experience in this domain. Also, some PTs of our team in your town can have experience in boxing training, HIIT, street workout, TRX, and CrossFit… So we will always be able to make the session fun and challenging without getting bored along the program. That could also help your motivation to keep it high, which is why having a personal trainer can benefit any.

It takes work always to have the motivation. So having a personal trainer in your town will motivate you to work out and implement the right things for you consistently. We will be accountable for ensuring you do the right things for yourself by considering your life and condition. All along, your fitness trainer will be able to change and adapt movement and exercise to keep the fun and the motivation.

Home and Mobile Personal trainers in London

We come to you at your convenience

Step 01

Trial session with stretching

A short trial session with no commitment at a low price to make you discover the way we work.

Step 02

Conversation around a cup of coffee

This is to know you better, target your goals and decide what we will do together.

Step 03

Program in the hands. Let's work!

Now it’s time to go and reach your goals with your personal trainer Switzerland and our team.

Pack 20
100 CHF
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given
Pack 20
100 CHF
Pack 30
95 CHF
Pack 40
90 CHF

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