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How to get bigger arms in a month

Here we are in 2023. So guys, here we are. It’s time to talk about something important. A question you’ve been asking yourself a lot. How do you get bigger arms?

And I’d like to take it a step further for you guys and answer the question, how do you get bigger arms in a month?

As I said, it’s 2023, and everyone wants to complete something as soon as possible. So first of all, I want to reassure you that getting bigger arms in just a month is possible. And I will give you my valuable recommendations to make you happy in front of the mirror and fit the way you want in your favourite shirt.

So, sit back in your chair, relax and let’s talk seriously with ambition.


Eat well and enough for bigger arms

get bigger arms in a month - eat food

First of all, let’s talk about food. You may know that you need to eat well and enough to gain weight and have bigger arms. What do I mean by that?

To explain it to you in the simplest way possible, you must build muscle with protein, good fat and carbohydrates (starchy foods).

For example, you need to eat enough eggs, poultry (protein), rice, beans, quinoa or other grains (carbs) and nuts (good fats).

These are the basics without getting into too many complex formulas. But, because I know you, sometimes your problem is reading too much (complicated) information and needing clarification.

Eat well, enough and often of everything. Avoid fast food if you want bigger arms made of muscle and not fat.

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Supplement yourself?

I’m not a big fan of supplements; I see them as a product of consumption and an addiction for many. However, I could recommend some of them to my clients if necessary. When you are over 40, it is good to have some BCAA, which helps you keep your muscle mass. Also, I like creatine cause it can help you to boost your performance and reach more reps and sets. But then, I prefer that you try for yourself what works best. Use only a little supplement at a time; you can quickly notice the difference between before and after. And check on your lifestyle. If you are busy with work and don’t have all the time to prepare some nice protein and complete a meal, it might be good to get a shaker of protein from time to time.

But then it’s all about eating enough food and protein to have that bigger arms in a month.

Tips to get bigger arms: eat protein at every meal, and have a healthy snack in the morning and one in the afternoon (nut, apple, banana, etc.)—rule of 5. Eat five times. All day long.


Think veggies

Oh yes, eat vegetables; they are like a friend to transmit the proper nutrients to your body and enough vitamins and energy to perform your movements and maintain your motivation. Green vegetables are great, eat some but only a little if you don’t have much appetite, focus on eating enough carbohydrates and protein. And, of course, check on yourself and your digestion. Look how you feel. Change and adapt the food if you feel some are incorrect for yourself.


Workout with the right exercises for bigger arms

We’ve discussed the critical part of eating right to get bigger arms or more muscle. But first, you need to target the muscles you want to build and work them!

Do you want your arms to get bigger?

Then work them with different exercises that target them.

Now I will talk to two different types of people, because I know some of you prefer to go to the gym, some of you don’t like it and like weight training exercises at home.

That’s fine; I like the two and am a big fan of street workouts. Check the complete article we wrote about that. You might find some exercise.

Article about Street workout

I like to lift weights, but I also like to work without equipment with just my body weight. So don’t worry, you can have good results if you want to avoid the gym. Nevertheless, both categories of people need to work out for sure. And well and truly arms!



Gym guys’ workout to get bigger arms in a month:

get bigger arms in a month - bench press


For those who therefore want to do it at the gym. The bench press is an excellent option to target bigger arms because this movement targets the chest and the arms quite well. Combining this exercise with a back exercise, seated low row on a machine (my favourite move), you have the perfect combo. You will feel the triceps on the first and the biceps on the second.

1/ Bench press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BTdsptL1BQ

2/ Seated low row: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZbfZ033f74&t=3s

Biceps and triceps muscles make our arms, so you must train both if you want bigger arms. So, blast those fibres, and feed them.

Finish your session by targeting the biceps with the biceps curl exercise, and the triceps extension will do the rest, as these are isolated movements. Do 4 sets of each for a maximum feel.

1/ Biceps curl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO_CNYidOw0

2/ Triceps extension: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-LAMcpzODU

Try to get out of your comfort zone by increasing your weight weekly if possible. Train two to three times a week. Be careful not to injure yourself and get tendonitis, slowing your progress. Listen to your body but be consistent!


Bodyweight workout enthusiast to get bigger arms in a month:

get bigger arms in a month - workout

Now for those who prefer bodyweight exercise, you will do push and pull-ups. Oh yeah. Bigger chest, bigger back and bigger arms for you.

If you can’t do the push-ups properly, start by putting your knees down, then play with the rhythm. A slow movement will make the exercise harder. A fast action will make it easier, but it will still work. Mix it up.

If you’re comfortable, do regular push-ups and slow down your movement to break up some muscle fibres.

And it’s because of the first point of eating right (protein). They will rebuild and give you bigger arms.

At home, it’s more technical:

It will be easier to target your arms if you have some dumbbells at home. Otherwise, practice your push-ups and do some variations like triceps push-ups by tightening your hands along your body to target your arms more. For example, to do biceps and target the biceps, take a bag of potatoes or something heavy and do the bending movements from the bottom up. Then, play with the rhythm again, making the movements slow to break up the fibres and make the exercise more challenging.

Do push-ups and pull-ups. If you have a pull-up bar at home, do pull-ups with your palms facing you so you can target the biceps. Do chin-ups, as they are called in fitness slang.

1/Push-ups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQM1h5AfqUE

2/ Chin up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_71FpEaq-fQ

It’s up to you. Be consistent throughout the month. You can get at least 8 workouts for your arms in one month. Make sure you feel them and train them enough. This is very important to get bigger arms in just one month.

Tips: Stop reading this article now and schedule your workout beforehand. Make sure you are going to train those arms!


Do you need a PT?

In case you need a personal trainer to help you. Know that Pret-a-Train does online sessions if you are not where we are based. You might work out with me then.

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Wear the fitting shirt for bigger arms

The last thing essential to me is wearing the fitting shirt in the right size for you. I see so many guys using a baggy shirt so they don’t get a tight stomachs. The secret is that it has to be close enough to look good enough for you and make you look like you have big arms. And you can find clothing brands that know this, and that’s why they make the sleeves smaller and give more room to the bellies to give us a more fitted look. So choose your size well and t-shirts that will fit you tight in the sleeves or at least not loose!

Tips: go with a friend and try on several shirts; ask him or her how they fit and if they make your arms look good. Friends help.

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Get those bigger arms in a month now

That’s all there is to it. Follow these tips, exercise, be consistent, focus on the right moves and eat well enough, and you will get those bigger arms in just one month.

Ps: Minimum 8 workouts. And don’t text when you work out; focus on the goal only!


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