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How to get back into exercise after holidays

As you must have realized, it is not always easy to get back into exercise after the holidays. Indeed, we quickly lose good habits like working out and maintaining a good diet. Holidays open the door to “fatty food” and alcohol. This often has effects on our physical state. Indeed, feeling a bit heavy, clumsy, and lacking energy is not uncommon back home. This condition is usually caused by the excesses of the holidays, which makes the return to daily life even harder. Your motivation to return to sports and eat healthily can be low. That’s why we will give you the keys to resume your exercise routine after the holidays.


1) Set a deadline

How to get back exercise after holiday - set a deadline

The first thing to get back into exercise after the holidays is to set a deadline. You must choose a day when you will resume your physical activities, no matter your motivation level. We advise you to decide on this date a few days before returning home. This way, you will have the time to be conditioned to resuming your routine on this precise date. Choose preferably a day when you will not be too busy. In this way, it will be easier to return to the room getting back to your physical activity. You can also choose a specific time when you know you will have time to go and do your sport. Once done, do not push back the time of the day of your workout. In this case, you will only postpone the problem overnight and cause a vicious circle of discouragement.

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2) Get back to a healthy diet

To make it so much easier to return to your physical routine of exercises after the holidays, it is also essential to resume a healthy diet. Once again, the feeling of heaviness that you may feel when you return from your vacation may be due in large part to your many dietary differences. As a result, if you regain good nutrition, you will feel lighter, more energetic, and in a better mood.

This will greatly facilitate you to get back into exercise. As you can imagine, it is easier to find some motivation to resumption the sport if you feel fit. As with sports, we recommend that you set a deadline. We recommend you return to a healthy diet the same day as your workout. However, you can also advance in stages if the motivation is low. For example, you can change your diet two days before your first session. As a result, the benefits of a balanced diet have already restored some energy, so it will be easier to resume your physical activity.

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3) Getting back step by step

Once back in the room, avoid taking back your workouts where you left them. Your body has been resting for some time, so adapting and returning to its habits takes time. We recommend you do a first light workout to get back into your exercise after the holidays. You can perfectly redo your activities before vacation but must quickly adapt to the load. For example, if you were doing 80-kilo squats, you can restart at 50 or 60 kilos. Then at each new session, gradually increase (2 kilos, for example) your charges until you get back to what you are used to.

Take the time to regain your marks without rushing your body before lifting weights during the next training. A first drive that is too abrupt can cause injury. In addition, you may have severe body aches the following days. That would be counterproductive if you’re looking to get your motivation back. Go ahead gradually; returning to your previous performances can take one to two weeks. You will feel yourself when your body is ready to rework at full speed; take the time.

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To conclude :

Plan, nutrition, and patience are the keywords to get back into exercise after the holiday period. It is normal not to return with the same abilities and performance when pausing. The important thing is to resume good habits gradually. Give your body what it needs to feel good, and refuel it healthy. Do not postpone your workout and this famous deadline. And finally, do not force, but get your muscles working again step by step. We know it can be frustrating for many, but avoiding hurting or discouraging yourself is essential.

Hoping that you find these tips helpful. We are convinced that you will quickly find your sports routine if you put them in place.

Wishing you a good return from holiday and a great new beginning.

“Patience just makes you stronger in the future.”

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