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How often should I see a Personal Trainer?

When starting a new fitness journey, you might ask yourself: how often should I see a personal trainer? This is a natural question that can be answered. In fact, there are many factors that you can consider if you want to see your personal trainer. These factors include the number of days, your goals, and your budget. By all means, you can choose how many times you want to see your personal trainer. However, they can also suggest you based on your needs.

Here you’ll learn how often you should see a personal trainer and why.


Seeing your personal trainer once a week

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Seeing a personal trainer once a week can be helpful to start somewhere. However, we advise training to see results even when you don’t see your personal trainer. If you can’t afford more than one session, it’s not a problem if you persist. Moreover, your personal trainer is an essential guide for you to know how to train. This means that as long as you stay consistent and loyal to your program, there’s no problem. Indeed, this is the only way for your personal trainer to track your progress. In addition,  seeing your personal trainer at least once a week can be helpful to make sure your exercises are done properly. You need to know that you execute your movements correctly. This will help prevent injuries when your personal trainer isn’t around to tell you how to do them.

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Seeing your personal trainer twice a week

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Seeing your personal trainer twice weekly is one of the best ways to start. In fact, it will help them to at least track your progress correctly. It is important, especially for beginners, to train at least twice a week to see progress. In other words, when you see your personal trainer you can do with them two full-body workouts. You can also train with them by splitting your workout into one upper-body and one lower-body workout. Twice per week is an excellent place to start, especially learning about fitness. This way you’ll know that you’re actually working every part of your body. Moreover, you’ll have more time to talk with your trainer about your doubts, thoughts, and concerns.

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Three to four times a week

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When you start to see your personal trainer three to four times a week you’re able to train more, to discuss more so that you acquire knowledge of training and nutrition. Training three or four times a week with your personal trainer is helpful to vary your training sessions.  Moreover, it ensures that you’re progressing and becoming more and more of an expert. You’ll be able to concentrate twice a week on your weaker muscles when training three times a week. You’ll also be able to focus on the body part that you want to develop more. Furthermore, you can split your sessions even more when training four times a week. For instance, you can break them into two upper-body and two lower-body workouts. As a deduction, the more you see your personal trainer, the more opportunities and growth.

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Seeing your personal trainer five times a week

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When you see your personal trainer 5 times a week you can train different muscle groups. In fact, you’ll be able to target different muscle groups without overdoing them. You’ll also be able to train groups of muscles from every part of your body. This means you’ll not just only train the upper body or lower body but combine both of them.

Your personal trainer will provide you with a program where you can vary your training sessions. This means you could do strength training and two cardio three times a week. Or you could train opposite muscles, for instance, one day chest and back, another day shoulders and legs. Seeing your personal trainer five times a week is appreciable especially when you’re an expert with big fitness goals.

However, if you’re a beginner, it can be helpful for various reasons. One of them is that you’ll see progress fast because you’re not used to training. The other is that you’ll be able to train almost every day in a short period of time. As a result, getting used to training and putting your body into exercise and tension will be helpful.

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Seeing your personal trainer six to seven times a week

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Seeing your personal trainer daily can be useful, but it’s unnecessary. In fact, your personal trainer will probably suggest you rest completely.

Is there one physical activity you can do daily: moderately jogging or simply walking? If you need to move, what better way than put your headphones on and enjoy your city? Living near the mountains, the beach or a forest is even better. Your personal trainer’s concern will always be your health and well-being. So of course, if you like staying active because it makes you feel better, you could walk or even use your bike!

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Seeing your personal trainer monthly

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The last point on how often you should see a personal trainer is about thinking in the long term. In fact, generally speaking, an average training program is usually between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the fitness goals. Whether you see your personal trainer once a week or every day, make sure that you’re able to see them during the time you’re doing your training program. However, you can also see your personal trainer once or twice monthly, especially if you’re an intermediate/advanced. In fact, seeing your personal trainer will mostly be useful to see if your program needs change or improvement. This will help your personal trainer to follow your journey and help you. But it’ll also be helpful for you to stay on track and not lose your path and motivation. Of course, sometimes having a personal trainer for this long doesn’t fit everybody’s budget. However, there are many options available. First, look for a personal trainer that fits your goals and lifestyle as much as your budget. Next, you can consider hiring an online personal trainer. This option is sometimes cheaper and has its own benefits.

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How often should I see a Personal trainer?

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Remember that, in the end, it doesn’t matter how often you see your personal trainer as long as you see them. The key to progress is consistency and seeing what is best for you regarding your goal, schedule and budget. As long as you see a personal trainer that could help you get healthier and more active. Pret-a-Train offers nutrition and health advice for you to be healthier. This means that your healthy habits should be on point. From your sleeping habits to your nutrition, you should stay disciplined and stick to your goals. This way, hiring and seeing a personal trainer will be valuable for your time, progress, and wallet!

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