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How a personal trainer can help during pregnancy

Have you considered having a personal trainer’s help during your pregnancy? At Pret-a-Train, we have helped many women to stay fit and healthy during and after their pregnancy. So we understand why it can be good to help with PT.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that most women go through in their lifetime. So during pregnancy, your body will change because of the pressure it goes through. These changes will make it difficult for you to sit down, stand up, move around, etc.


A Personal Trainer specialized in post or pre-natal

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To reduce these pains, it’s essential to follow a personal trainer who specializes in pregnant women. Indeed, physical activity during pregnancy is not only allowed but also recommended! A personal trainer can help make your life easier and healthier during pregnancy.

Thus working out during pregnancy can bring a lot of relief! Indeed, it will help you live a more uncomplicated pregnancy and be more prepared for your delivery. Getting back into shape after birth is also more straightforward when a personal trainer enables you to care for your body.

So, in this article, we’ll talk about how a personal trainer, especially sports, can help you before, during, and after your pregnancy.


Working out to enjoy your pregnancy

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Working out will help you feel better during your pregnancy. So exercising with a personal trainer is an excellent way to reduce discomfort during pregnancy. A personal trainer can help relieve your pain with breathing and strengthening exercises. Those exercises will also help keep your body’s agility and elasticity. For example, this will make it easier for you to move around or deal with aches and pains during pregnancy and childbirth. You will also find it easier to get back into shape after delivery because you will be more relaxed and serene.

The idea that a pregnant woman cannot do sport because she’s weak and bedridden is wrong. You can remain active while pregnant with the help and serenity of having a PT.

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Getting back into shape after giving birth

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Pregnant women working out during their pregnancy are more relaxed about the reeducation that follows the birth. Indeed, the perineum becomes more efficient as it is trained during pregnancy. The need for a cesarean section is also less frequent for sportswomen. This means it favours vaginal delivery. It considerably reduces the pain and effort after birth to regain its tone. After childbirth, weight gain is less of a problem as it is limited by sport during pregnancy. Plus, you won’t lose the exercise habit, and your body will be used to making physical efforts. No need to start from scratch!

Don’t forget that personal trainers can be by your side in various sports activities: cycling, swimming, yoga, walking, etc. Plus, you can choose the discipline that best suits you!

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Sport helps with childbirth

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If you were very active during your pregnancy, the chances of a free of complications delivery would improve. Indeed, the risk of having a c-section, placental abruption, and other childbirth operations is reduced through appropriate physical exercise supervised by a personal trainer.

This reduced risk of complications allows the woman to give birth more quickly. Studies on several pregnant sportswomen have shown that their workout during their pregnancy reduced their labour time. These studies also showed that sport regulates the birth weight of the baby and the mother.

A personal trainer will help during your pregnancy to accommodate the exercise and have the eye of an expert to conduct your movement.

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What types of exercise should I do during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and postnatal personal training

There are many sports exercises available to you during your pregnancy. You can walk, do yoga, swim, and much more with or without a personal trainer. These sports will benefit your well-being, as you will see more people besides your loved ones. They will also help your physique as they will tone your muscles.

However, there are some sports to avoid. Indeed, for your safety and your baby’s, avoid all fighting sports, extreme sports, and all activities where there is a risk of falling or being hit. Avoid activities with a chance of accidents (climbing, scuba diving, etc.). Besides, if you were not working out before pregnancy but want to be fit, it is recommended that you stick to soft sports.


And what kind of exercise after birth?

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You cannot do any sport in the first few days after birth. You will need to rest. Besides, it is not recommended as your body has to recover. You will experience substantial hormone flows! The only sport you can do is walking. On the other hand, once you have recovered from the strain of pregnancy and childbirth, it is possible to start exercising again. Nonetheless, it should be done gradually and at a low intensity. The first exercise aims to strengthen the whole body’s muscles, specifically the perineum.

Indeed, perineal rehabilitation is vital after childbirth. After birth, it is required to have a medical check-up. It is necessary to ensure you are healing correctly and prevent future complications. Thus, being followed by a personal trainer is the best way to ask for the best exercises to reeducate these particular areas.

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To conclude, if you are physically active before your pregnancy, you will recover faster and better! Working out before pregnancy is crucial because it makes your body more resistant and in better shape.

Don’t forget that sport during pregnancy is also important because it will ease the birth and the aftermath! It will help you to get back to your pre-baby body more quickly. Finally, as you’ve seen, you don’t need to do that alone, as a personal trainer can help during your pregnancy.


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