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Best healthy and fit ideas that you can gift for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. So you might have to look for some perfect gift to offer. What about providing healthy and fit assistance to your friends or family? As a wellness company, we might have some good suggestions for you. Here is our list of healthy and fit gifts to offer.


Offer a healthy and fit experience

how can a personal trainer help you in life - PT with client

A massage

A massage might be the perfect gift. It’s a relaxing time so everybody might need it at the end of the year. You have a lot of different types of massage so everybody can find what he/she prefers. With the diversity that our world offers, Thai, ayurvedic, and Californian, tons of massages are available. Also, you must know that many massage therapists or beauty massage salons do gift cards for you to put under the Christmas tree. You can add a little note to your Christmas cards; here you go, you have a tremendous health-conscious gift.

A personal training session

Less relaxing but great to be fit and healthy. A personal training session could be good for someone ready to change and kick off the new year in a good rhythm.

In Pret-a-Train, we already had the case of a husband or a wife offering a pack of sessions to his/her partner. Make sure you can submit a trial session to your partner before committing to anything to see if that matches well with the trainer.

A day at a spa

As we discussed earlier with massage, a day at a spa can be a complete experience. This is a classic. It might be more expensive than just a massage so that you could share the gift with another family member.
Again that will be a relaxing and resourceful time, the perfect healthcare gift.

A class pass

Class Pass is affiliated with many spas and gyms, so they have a lot of different fit and healthy experiences to offer. The concept can maybe match you. First, you must choose a plan that will give you credit accordingly. Then with this credit, you can book a class with their many affiliate partners. That will be a good fit and healthy idea for someone who wants to start a new/several different experiences.

He/she could try boxing class one week, then have a massage next week. That’s a great combo for a balanced mind and body and a healthy and fit ideal gift.

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Equipment ideas for healthy and fit gifts

woman skipping rope for cardio

Fit clothing

You know someone ready to exercise, but this person has maybe nothing to put on to work out with. So the perfect fitness gift will be to offer him/her some sportswear. For instance, it can be a pair of shorts, leggings/jogging, or sneakers.

It will be good to enter a sports shop and choose with the person, as everybody has his preference and we need to ensure he will wear that gift.

A gift card to a sports shop

Gift cards are becoming a great option nowadays. As we say, everybody has his taste, so it might be better to offer a gift card. It’s an excellent fit idea that you can also put under the trees with some little encouraging or cherishing words.

A kettlebell or a dumbbell

That’s a more badass gift. You can find many options on the internet for choosing some weight. A Kettlebell or some dumbbells can be a well-used gift for someone ready to train at home or work out with a personal trainer but with no material.

If you are not interested in using weight, you could go for a TRX or elastic bands. Tons of exercise can be made with these types of fitness equipment.

Boxing gloves

You might know someone ready to do some boxing, or he/she does and needs to change his/her boxing gloves. If, for instance, another person you know is offering a boxing class to that person, you can combine the gifts and offer the boxing gloves.

That’s a fun and fit gift to place under the Christmas tree.

Jumping ropes

A jumping rope is another fit equipment to offer. Be aware, as it’s not for everyone. Make sure the person is fit enough to use it. It might not be suitable for someone who hasn’t done sport for a while or is over 40 and feels pain in his knees or ankles.
However, it will be a great and cheap gift if you have many presents to offer and a big family.

A water bottle

Everybody needs to drink enough water a day. Unfortunately, not many do. Why? Because they might not think about it. So offering a nice bottle of water can be suitable for commuting everywhere. If someone does a physical activity, choose a fit and healthy bottle for him/her to do his/her sport session.

A fitness or a cookbook

Some people are readers, and a book is still a classic gift to offer. It’s also convenient as you can go to any library and scroll the pages of many books to see which is best to offer. It can be a fitness book offering exercise for someone ready to work out or a healthy recipes book for someone who loves cooking.

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Kitchen, food, and cooking healthy and fit ideas

What it means to be healthy - eating healthy food

A blender

A blender makes smoothies and ensures we eat enough fruits or veggies. Know that some smoothie recipes with veggies are in to balance taste and healthiness.

Dark Chocolates

A box of dark chocolate is not so healthy. But it’s still a classic. Nevertheless, you know that dark chocolate is a food that can be surprisingly healthy for you. However, it’s the high consumption that is bad. Anyway, chocolates are still a great gift to offer and share during Christmas, and then if you are ready to kick off by working out this year, it’s all good! Enjoy some.

Share a cheat meal

The classic idea is to offer to share a cheat meal with your partner or a workout buddy. So we call it a cheat meal, which we enjoy after a week of workouts. It can be a pizza, a raclette, an Indian curry, some Lebanese food, anything you like and want.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a cheat meal. Also, something healthy can be an option. Or you could invite a family member to a dinner you’ll cook at home. This could be a superb fit and tasty experience to offer to anyone.

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Other healthy and fit ideas

Best Healthy lifestyle tips - woman drink herbal tea

Essential oils

Have you heard about aromatherapy? You need a diffuser of oil so then the diffuser will diffuse some pleasant smell around your home. You can find all types of essential oil from plants for anything. It can reduce stress and bring harmony into a place, as known plants have been great medicine for centuries.

So you could offer an aromatherapy diffuser or a few essential oils.


Do you know a tea lover? Tea shops offer many nice tea boxes during this perfect time to enjoy hot drinks. You can go for herbal tea or proper tea. As a reminder, herbal tea is without theine (the same as caffeine), so plants have no stimulants like chamomile or verbena. They are great for relaxing. That could be a great healthy gift to offer to anyone that you can also share during Christmas dinner.

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Ready to offer a healthy and fit gift

Here you go. Now you have fresh, fit and healthy ideas to offer to go back to shopping for your health-conscious people. I hope these ideas just came in time for you to provide gifts to the people you love.

We wish you a great Xmas time and a happy new year.

Are you thinking about being healthy yourself?

Take care, and stay fit and healthy.

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