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6 Great Benefits of Tai chi for your Health 

I’ve been interested in Tai Chi and Qi Gong for almost three years, which have numerous benefits. It helps me with Pret-a-Train and in my personal life. Tai chi is also endorsing me for the relationship I have with people and myself as well. 

So, I’d like to share with you all the benefits of Tai chi for your health and how Tai chi could help you to have a better healthy lifestyle.


1/ Being Mindful 

First and foremost, practising Tai chi helps you to be mindful. You might not be able to sit for a long time and breathe. So Tai chi allows you to move but still concentrate on your breathing. When you practice Tai chi, you are aware of your slow movement and your breathing; you are in your body, focus. 

So the first benefit of Tai chi and Qi gong is to practice an activity where you are mindful. 


2/ Control your balance

Tai chi is slow, Tai chi is soft. For balance, you can find many exercises, which can be hard or soft. Tai chi, as I say, is weak. So you can slowly move from one foot to the other, which helps you control your balance delicately. Some push harder than others. So take your time when you practice Tai chi. Don’t go too fast. Tai chi, as with everything, takes time to learn. 


3/ Help your joints 

Tai chi can be practised at any age. As it is soft, it’s hard to get injured by doing Tai Chi or Qi Gong. When you do slow movements, Tai chi helps strengthen your joints, knees, elbow, and hips… There are many combinations of moves. I encourage you to choose any video on youtube for beginners and to reproduce the movie. Don’t hesitate to repeat the movement. Knows that Tai chi could help you release joint pain like back pain. Practising just 5 to 10 mins regularly in Tai chi can benefit your joints and health. 


4/ Help your heart

When you practice Tai Chi, as we say, you focus on your breathing. So then it’s good for your heart and your lungs. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to breathe correctly nowadays. Many of them suffer from headaches, take medication and get better afterwards. So they don’t go to the cause of their problem. Headache is mainly happening because of a lack of oxygen or water. That’s why it is essential to drink water and breathe properly. Tai Chi can help you with that one. 


5/ Get stronger with Tai Chi

Even if it’s soft, Tai chi is still a practice. Tai chi is excellent for your health, especially if you are sedentary. The fact that you’ll get out of your chair and practice a combination of movements will help your overall health. 

Also, when you practice Tai chi, you have some positions where you have to stand on a squat or one leg. So, then doing this will help your muscle to get stronger, but that’s not all. Tai chi will help you to get stronger mentally. Holding a simple position for 5 to 10 mins is not easy. The mind wants to give up. But by practising, you’ll get better at your muscles and your mind. Of course, start easy, but then try to hold a position for longer and get stronger. 


6/ Appease your mind 

We are in a world of unstopping communication, so of course, this is one of the great benefits of Tai chi. Incessant communication and talking outside and inside our mind, where there is no room for silence sometimes. Are you having trouble sleeping because of excess thinking or stress-related thoughts? 

Also, you can have tension, leading to numerous health problems. Practising Tai chi regularly will help you to release stress, release tension, and appease your mind. This is the beauty of Tai chi. Tai chi is like meditation. As we say, it helps you to be mindful. Mindfulness has been proven to have many benefits for your health. 

So if you want to get calm and put things into perspective, you know that doing sport is good, but now you know that Tai chi can be great also. 


Practice Tai Chi 5 mins a day

As you have seen, Tai Chi has many benefits for your health. So if you have never tried Tai chi, I encourage you to do it. Don’t give up if it’s too slow or too rigid. Just take your time. Do it when you have a bit of time. Just for 5 mins, just for some moves. Get interested. The first thing was to be aware of all the benefits of Tai chi for your health. You could, for instance, put Tai chi into your morning routine. 

Now it’s time to try, time to practice. Feel the benefits and let me know if that helps you. 


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