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Why doing sport is better than any drugs

why sport is better than any drugs

Today I’d like to talk about a crucial topic. I want to talk about things that are deeply important to my heart. This is why this blog has been created aside from Pret-a-Train. So today, I’d like to talk about drugs and sports, and hopefully, many will understand why playing or doing sports is better […]

Tips for better health with healthy habits to start

Tips for better health - healthy habits - woman cooking

Nowadays, more and more people would love to adopt a healthy lifestyle and live a better life. Healthy habits help, as being healthy is a long process. These steps and advice will allow you to have better health in the end. Health is critical, and everyone knows that. Indeed, with good health, we will live […]

How to get bigger arms in a month

get bigger arms in a month

Here we are in 2023. So guys, here we are. It’s time to talk about something important. A question you’ve been asking yourself a lot. How do you get bigger arms? And I’d like to take it a step further for you guys and answer the question, how do you get bigger arms in a […]

Best Benefits of Sport l Health Mental Physical

Best benefits of sports main pics

We keep hearing that sport is perfect for physical health, but you may know it’s also good for mental health. Practising a sport or physical activity has many benefits for mental health and overall health, including relief from stress, avoiding sickness, feeling more energetic, and improving daily life. That’s why we often use the expression […]

What it Means to be Healthy

What it means to be healthy - woman healthy

You might have already seen that we love to speak about health because it’s the central matter we care about and share very much in Pret-a-Train. Indeed, it’s a vast subject that is essential for all of us. You may want to know more about health, nutrition, sport and well-being. So here in this blog, […]

Street workout 101 – Exercises and programs

Street workout man doing dips

On this page: What is street workout The benefits of street workout The disadvantage of street workout Street workout exercises Street workout programs My street workout story ———————————————————— Have you heard of Street Workout, the new alternative to indoor sports? Indeed, this sports practice has become very trendy. Especially since the health crisis forced the […]

How can a personal trainer help you in life

how can a personal trainer help you in life - PT with client

Personal trainers can be seen as new health experts who can help you in life. As you might know, personal trainers have knowledge related to physiognomy and physiology. However, that’s not all. A good personal trainer can also be passionate about health, well-being, and nutrition. Some of them can be seen as life coaches. Like […]

Best healthy and fit ideas that you can gift for Christmas

healthy and fit gifts christmas gift

Christmas is around the corner. So you might have to look for some perfect gift to offer. What about providing healthy and fit assistance to your friends or family? As a wellness company, we might have some good suggestions for you. Here is our list of healthy and fit gifts to offer.   Offer a […]

6 Benefits of Breathing Exercises

benefits of breathing exercise - woman breathe

Breathing is one of our body’s most natural essential needs, and we have known this fact precisely since we were young. The principle is simple: inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Nothing is more accessible than this. However, practising regular breathing exercises can turn out to be very beneficial. Yoga, meditation, and relaxation are perfect […]

How a personal trainer can help during pregnancy

Personal trainer for Pregnancy

Have you considered having a personal trainer’s help during your pregnancy? At Pret-a-Train, we have helped many women to stay fit and healthy during and after their pregnancy. So we understand why it can be good to help with PT. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that most women go through in their lifetime. So during […]

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