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7 healthy fall tips to get healthier in Autumn

Here comes September, so what about having some healthy fall tips to become healthier?

The autumn season will point out after this heavy summer. When we change seasons, we often feel tired or sick. After a holiday, rhythm, and temperature change, we tend to be a bit disturbed.

This is why I was thinking about giving you options to get healthier in Autumn, and that September, as everybody is going back to school and some might start a new activity or sport – I think it’s the perfect time to implement a new routine or to begin to change something to be better, happier and healthier.


Healthy fall tips to get healthier


Eat veggies of the season

healthy fall tips to get healthier in Autumn - man eat healthy

Do you like sweet potatoes? Rosty or steamed, they can be a perfect option to add vitamins to your life, as root vegetables are fantastic to fill you up and add colour to your plate. Broccoli, Eggplants, carrots, Kale, cabbage, we have tons of veggies in the Fall to eat after the tomatoes and the summer veggies. As winter follows, it’s time to eat well-cooked vegetables to reinforce the organism. Fall has its load of wind and rain, so a healthier diet filled with vitamins and minerals is essential. Veggies and fruits are great options. This is my first healthy fall tip: care about what you eat, depending on the season.

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Starting a cardio activity

cycle morning for a healthy lifestyle

Running, walking, swimming, squash, football, tennis, there are tons of sports we can start practising at any age, any time, and September is the best time to look for options. Check on your levels, and be honest with what you can do. But surely starting a sports activity can have many benefits to reinforce your body and your mind.

Also, by finding an activity you can share, you’ll enjoy a fantastic sociable time that will make you healthier and happier.

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Morning routine

healthy fall tips to get healthier in Autumn - man morning stretch

Mornings are getting darker, and we can have less energy because of that, so why not kick it by adding a new morning routine to your life if you are not done yet? It can be 5/10 mins of yoga, or some Tai chi or flexibility movement.

Also, stretching in the morning is an excellent option for getting healthier for the fall. There are some easy healthy habits that you can start, like having a complete breakfast. Indeed, having a healthy breakfast will fill you with good carbs (energy), vitamins, and minerals. So another healthy fall tip will be to start a morning routine that suits you.

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Sleep earlier

sleep well adopt a healthy lifestyle

Of course, the most natural option I have to discuss after talking about the morning routine is what makes the morning routine successful. The sleep and his time to get the head on the pillow. Actually. What’s better than sleep?

I can hear you coming.. Anyway, sleep is a great thing too, of course, feeling good every morning and being good all day. We need to drink water, and we need sleep. These are just fundamental to being healthy. So try to think about an excellent routine to get to bed earlier. I’ll repeat the tips, stop the screen, get a book or talk to my partner before getting to bed. Have a lovely herbal tea that will help you sleep peacefully and get that alarm clock early to get to the last healthy fall tips, making you healthier for Autumn.

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Is a personal trainer needed?

how often should I see a personal trainer

Oh no, Romain, are you trying to sell Pret-a-Train services? Sorry about that, guys. But you know we can train you everywhere with our online PT services. It works well; you can even jump out of bed and have your personal trainer teach you from home.

Some have the motivation to start working out, which is good. And some might need to go for a walk and do a bit of stretching. Nonetheless, as you know, personal training is good if you lack motivation or if you don’t know where to start or how to do it. So yes, it can be naturally healthy fall tips to begin having a personal trainer for the new season. As we have discussed in our blog, there are many benefits to having a personal trainer.


Stop or reduce something bad

We talked about starting new things, but we didn’t talk about stopping or reducing something you know is not suitable for you.

Why wait for the new year if you were thinking about stopping smoking, being less into your phone, and eating less chocolate? The goal is to get healthier and not feel inadequate or frustrated. So we must consider many things, but it’s good for you to get fitter and might be suitable for your entourage. So again, if you want to stop or reduce something but feel it will be hard to do it alone, involve your partner or a buddy to challenge yourself. You might also need to get expert help. In the crazy and beautiful world we are living, many options could help not just a shrink but also a sophrologist, hypnosis, CBT, mindfulness coach, and others.


Planning a wellness retreat

Woman doing yoga using breathing techniques for better exercise

Wellness retreats nowadays are great options to cut with the crazy distracting world and find yourself back. You also have many options like detox retreat, yoga retreat, spiritual retreat, and family retreat… Find the healthier alternative to suit you best. It can be in your country, not far from your home, or even far away if needed. Type on your search tool, and I’m confident you’ll find an option that matches your expectations well. Take some holiday if you need to recharge your battery. Sometimes we need to reconnect to feel better about ourselves.

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I’ve just shared 7 healthy fall tips that could help you feel fitter for Autumn. As Pret-a-Train’s CEO and wellness trainer, I was thinking about this. As I always say, you don’t necessarily have to follow every tip. The goal is just for you to feel good about yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. We all have commitments, family, work, etc. See what you can do, and I wish you well for that season.

I will start playing football. What are you doing for a healthy fall?


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